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Pennsylvania Low Income Health Insurance

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Depending on what you household income is, there are a few options that you may qualify for at no or very low cost.  All programs are guaranteed issue so there should be no concern of pre-existing conditions. See below to learn more about these available programs.

Medical Assistance: Is a program that is for those with low income, there is no cost to the consumer for this program.  You must apply to see if you or your family will be eligible. Visit the PA Insurance department to find out more and apply. Compass

Special Care: Is a program for those who earn too much to qualify for medical assistance.  This is a limited benefit program with a monthly cost.  This programs does not always make sense for everyone even if you qualify because of income.  The monthly cost can be more expensive then some medically underwritten program.  See income guidelines and also Benefits to see if this makes sense for you. Learn More

CHIPS: Is a program not only for low income but for any uninsured pa children under the age of 19.  If you family does not qualify for medical assistance then your children may qualify for free or even low cost insurance though the CHIPS program.  Use our Q&A to find out more about this program. Learn More



Why Choose PA Low Cost Health Insurance

1. We have the Low Price Guarantee, Prices are fixed by law so we cannot be out priced.

2. Customer Service, Our experienced staff has years of experience dealing with group and individual health insurance

3. Low rate of declines, we know exactly what health insurance companies are looking for. so we have the upper hand on finding the right policy,


We Encourage everyone to give us a call. Everyone's situation is unique our experience goes unmatched. We will make sure you are going in the right direction.