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Pa Pre existing condition Health Insurance

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If you have had some serious health issues in the past, this can sometimes make it a little difficult to find health insurance.  However there a several different options to look at, some are guaranteed issued meaning you cannot be turned down.  Below is a list of options ranging from lowest in cost to the highest cost.  Please remember it is usually best to talk with someone that deals with this on a daily basis.

Medical Assistance: By far the lowest cost option because there is no cost for this type of plan, however the income guidelines are pretty strict so many will not qualify Learn More

Special Care:  Is a program for those who earn too much to qualify for medical assistance.  This is a limited benefit program with a monthly cost of $169.90.  There is a one year pre-existing condition clause which means they would not cover any condition you have gone though in the past for 1 year. Learn More

 Pa Fair Care: Is a program that came about because of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 also know as Health Care Reform.  This program is specifically for folks that have a pre-existing condition.  This plan covers pre-existing condition right away when coverage begins.  There are two requirement to get onto this program 1. you must have a serious pre-existing condition 2. you cannot have had health insurance within the past 6 months.  If you fall into this category this is by far one of the more popular plans for folks that have a serious pre-existing condition with a monthly cost of $283. Learn More

Guaranteed Issue: These are programs that offer health insurance without any medical questions, this means it does not matter what type of pre-existing condition you have you will be accepted.  Pa Blue Cross companies are the only companies in PA that offers these types of programs.  These programs do have a one year pre-existing clause which means they would not cover any condition you have gone though in the past for 1 year. The current rate is $591 per month.  Please call for more information.

HIPAA or Conversion Policy: If you were formally on a group health insurance policy within the last 63 days you may be eligible to get onto a HIPPA plan. Also if you were on a Blue Cross group plan you may be eligible for a conversion policy which are less in cost then the HIPAA plan. However there is a limited amount of time that you will be eligible for these types of plans.  Please call to get more information.


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