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Health Insurance, Whats Right for Me?

Health Insurance through Exchange: Many individual will qualify for a monthly subsidy through the health insurance exchanges or The easiest and most convenient way could be to talk to a License Health Insurance Broker, who can advice on income guidelines and offer expertise into which plan might work best for you or take a look at the guidelines. We are brokers with many years of service in the health insurance industry and have the answers most are seeking.  The next Open Enrollment goes from November 15, 2014-February 15, 2015

Health Insurance Off Exchange: There are many people who will find their income is to high to get any type of subsidy from the federal government, In this case you will have to find insurance of the health insurance exchange.  We offer free instant health Insurance quotes Get Quotes Now

Group Health Insurance: Own a company or need to compare rate and plans for a business account, now its easy all we need is a short census of the company to put together health insurance rates from all leading carriers.  We can start a group health insurance plan with as little as two lives.  With group health insurance there is no need to be concerned with acceptance, groups are guaranteed issued. Learn More

Cobra Option: Leaving a job, COBRA could be a good option, however in a lot of individual cases you may be able to find a much lower health insurance cost through a medically underwritten program or a State subsidized program.  Its best to take these into consideration, as some COBRA rates could be into the thousands of dollars a month. Learn More

Low-Income Health Insurance: When the income is just not there to afford health insurance many folks allow their health to be at risk because they simple dont think there is anything available.  The State of Pennsylvania has many programs that could be no or very low costLearn More

Pre-Existing Conditions: In the past having a pre-existing condition could of been a major problem when trying to get health insurance coverage.  Since the health care reform, many companies have made obtaining health insurance much easier also Pennsylvania has released several program to help with pre-existing conditions.  With everyone's situation being unique it probably best to talk to one of our benefits specialist to help obtain the lowest cost plan.  Learn More

Over 65 Medicare:  Did turning 65 leave you with more questions then answers when it comes to you health insurance and how you will be covered.  Where you live and how much travel you plan to do, will greatly affect the type of medicare supplement you should be using. Take a look at our guide to medicare to give you some answers to some of those questions.  Learn More 

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Why Choose PA Low Cost Health Insurance

1. We have the Low Price Guarantee, Prices are fixed by law so we cannot be out priced.

2. Customer Service, Our experienced staff has years of experience dealing with group and individual health insurance

3. Low rate of declines, we know exactly what health insurance companies are looking for. so we have the upper hand on finding the right policy,


We Encourage everyone to give us a call. Everyone's situation is unique our experience goes unmatched. We will make sure you are going in the right direction.